You Have A Call to Make. Who You Gonna Call?

Day 10

Yesterday I had the honor of laying on the couch with no interruptions for four hours. I grabbed the remote control and proceeded to browse through Time Warner’s On Demand channels. After about a second of going through the A’s on one of the channels, I settled on a show called ” Airport Security”.  Airport Security is a show that documents airplane passenger’s attempt to smuggle drugs into another country. These passengers go through extreme measures just to be successful on this quest. Such measures include building secret compartments inside of their luggage. The only way you can find these compartments is if you puncture a hole in the suitcase. Another measure was placing a package, like a thin sheet of paper, behind a laptop screen. Another measure was wrapping the cocaine square packages inside of a coat and the coat was wrapped in trash bags. I mean it was crazy watching the measures people tried to go through. A few people took things dangerously and swallowed pills that contained the illegal substance. When it was suspected that a person had swallowed drugs inside of their body they had to go through a body scanner. The most interesting case involved a 26 year old woman who was suspected of hiding drugs …. let’s just say in an unthinkable area. Security checked her suitcase, ripped it apart, and found nothing. She walked through the body scanner and viola it was there.

Day 2

Before I could even begin stoning these individuals for their acts I began to look at their why. What would cause someone to put themselves in harms way and jeopardize their life? One man said he needed the money. Another man said his family was threatened and he had no choice. Another man said he had nothing: no family and no home. When faced with a need so great what would you be willing to do to get what you needed? Would you hide something inside of you? Would you ingest poison? Now before I said no to myself I began to really think have I ingested anything poisonous? Maybe not physically but I have ingested poisonous thoughts and words. These negative thoughts began to shape how I thought about myself. Slowly but surely these thoughts began to form my belief system. Realizing these things I could never judge any of those individuals that I watched because I too was guilty.

After a passenger realizes they are caught red handed facing serious jail time the police officer offers the individual the ability to make one phone call. This one phone call was to notify others of what happened. But how many times does this happen in real life? By that I do not mean the ability to make one phone call when a person is about to go to jail, but the one phone call to notify someone of what happened when we have ingested poisonous thoughts and words. Often times when a person ingests poisonous thoughts and words those words to slowly take the life of the person they were directed towards. Sometimes this process can be avoided with a simple conversation to discuss what happened. These conversations are simply not had often enough.

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Challenge:  Take 5 minutes and meditate. Clear your mind. Grab your journal but do not set a timer.

Do you find yourself carrying hazardous materials? Are you carrying anger or frustration towards someone? Are you carrying hatred towards yourself? Are you resentful about something that happened that you have never spoke to the person about? Well it’s time to make your one contact. Instead of having your one contact to mean a phone call we are going to write a letter to someone regarding the hazardous materials we are carrying. You might find that you are writing a letter to yourself. Included in this letter you must ensure you are taking the time to really let the hazardous situation go. If you feel bold enough you can call the person you are writing and have that much needed discussion.


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You Have A Call to Make. Who You Gonna Call?