“WoMAN Down” but My Weight Is Down Too

Soooo yesterday was a rough day for me. Let’s just say my allergies was kicking my tail. Immediately after my feet touched the ground yesterday morning I was sneezing and sneezing non-stop. I was sneezing so much that a killer migraine came about. About an hour after I got to church I had to cut the lights off on my phone because the brightness added to the headache. I began to gather my items to leave but then my head began pounding. Closing my eyes didn’t’ help and having my head on the desk didn’t help. After about 30 minutes the feelings subsided enough that I could make it home.

I’m a winner even when I don’t feel like it! Click To Tweet

Despite being man down yesterday I was excited to see that the scale agreed with the downward direction. Meal planning and a trip to the gym proved to be successful this week.

For the next two weeks I will be hitting the highway. Despite travelling next week and all my favorite spots to grab a bit I will still be successful. Next week my personal challenge will be to post my meals beginning Monday on my Instagram account (add me: Me Self Love) . My Challenge will be to post meals for accountability and to ensure I continue to keep heading in the direction I am in. At this rate it is possible to be out of the 300’s by the end of the month. Can you believe that!

Affirmation: I’m a winner even when I don’t feel like it!

Challenge: Take 10 minutes, remove all distractions, and relax.

If you have agreed to take the journey of loving yourself to health with me what has been your progress? Do you like the progress thus far? If the answer is no, what needs to change? Do you need to become more active? Do you need to focus on your meals? Make the necessary changes needed so next week you too can say “Man I’m Down”!


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Every time I Lose, I Win!
“WoMAN Down” but My Weight Is Down Too