Hey love world!!! Today is an exciting day for me . For starters I am currently snowed in with Chad and Sophie and (drum roll please) WE HAVE A WINNER for the first love contest. Can you believe it??? I am so very happy to be helping such a beautiful family of 12 who needed just a little more. Without disclosing too much information the first winners are located right here in Syracuse and I look forward to dropping the gift card off to them tomorrow.
Despite the obstacles you face in life, just remember you'll feel better if you give. Click To TweetUsually, you do not have to loo far to find someone in need. It could be a neighbor who needs their drive-way shoveled, a friend who could use a baby – sitter for a few hours so she can have a break, or a stranger who can simply benefit from a friendly smile and kind words. Notice none of these suggestions cost a single dime, it only required your time. Remember, your love acts will make a difference in someone’s life! So love hard!
With Love,