Two Months Later 20 lbs Lighter

Hellloooo world of love. If it seems like I have not been around you are absolutely right and for that I owe you all an apology. Me Self Love is about me removing the junk to make room of love. By the looks of the picture I have removed 20 lbs of junk and I have added something I’ve always wanted to do into the mix, I’m a full-time seminary student. How exciting right??!!

Well by the looks of my Me Self Love reward plan I need to have a full day of pampering! I’ve earned a manicure, pedicure, massage, and a lunch date with myself. Today, I will use some of my time to plan out this spectacular date. I’ve lost 20 lbs! That’s how much a single car tire weighs!

One of the things that I must work on and become an expert at is the balancing of home, work, school, and me so today I will work on a schedule and share it with you all for accountability. Part of my goal of Me Self Love means learning how to achieve balance. I am determined to be a master rather than a disaster.

So with running around for the past couple of weeks I have been running around like crazy. From New Student Orientation to home life to responsibilities at church it really has been non-stop. I’m not quite sure how I lost weight but it happened. Actually I have not seen these numbers on the scale for a long time. Today I saw 293 (yes I weigh myself everyday and no it doesn’t drive me crazy) and I almost ran to the refrigerator to grab something to eat because I was wasting away but I remembered the mission. The only thing I can think of is I am walking my dog Sophie at a paved trail close by once (and sometimes twice) a day. She really loves it and seems to have less energy around the house. If you ever meet Sophie you’ll understand what I mean. As I watch the excitement of Sophie each day during our walks I understand


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Well today is going to be another busy day. I have schoolwork, house cleaning, a nap, grocery shopping, planning for a full day of pampering for me, another nap, oh and dinner with one of my sister’s (hopefully).  I hope you all have an awesome day!!!


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Two Months Later 20 lbs Lighter