Project Love Unveiled

Happy December Love World! Can you believe this is the last month of 2016, which means we have 29 days left until the end of the year. I had the wise move to end the year with a project I like to call  “The Love Project”.  During this project I will be showing love to myself, others, and the Me Self Love brand! With all that is going on, why not end the year by being intentional showing love all the way around. Click To Tweet

So often we get caught up in the “busy”ness of life that often times we are not intentional of showing love to ourselves, others, and our own brands.  So I made the list of 30 things that I would like to do over the next  29 days. Obviously I am a day late in posting this so one day  I will have to complete two tasks which is “A” OK!

I will be typing out each of the thirty love quests and place each quest in a jar. Each day after I pray I will pick one item out of the jar to complete. I will blog the entire experience by the end of that night. I’ve already talked to Chad so if I don’t complete it, I will owe him $5 per incomplete action. There are a few items that I have selected that I will allow myself more time to complete (no more than 5 days) due to the nature of the quest.

The Love Project 30 Days of Pure Love

I Love Me

  1. Write down all the things I love about me
  2. Create a schedule and follow it for 7 days
  3. Plan a vacation
  4. Write thank you cards to 5 people expressing love and mail it.
  5. Cut off phone for an entire day
  6. Create affirmations for self
  7. Mini de-clutter session with paper
  8. Establish 1 month, 1 year, 2 year, and 5 year goals
  9. Create vision board
  10. Read “The Shack” in one day and schedule special lunch date with friend from church.

    I Love You

    1. Go downtown and place extra change in meters
    2. Volunteer at local soup kitchen
    3. Donate clothes
    4. Donate money to a cause for love
    5. Make a meal for those without home within 5 days with $50!
    6. Spend a day only saying nice things about and to other people
    7. Send a care package to someone I love
    8. Encourage someone who is having a tough time
    9. Identify and become a permanent volunteer for a local cause
    10. Run an errand for someone.

    I Love Me Self Love

    1. Write down Me Self Love Goals for 2017
    2. Find 5 bloggers to highlight, follow, and encourage them to keep posting!
    3. Complete welcome letter to new followers.
    4. Organize kitchen pantry
    5. Organize coat closet
    6. Write open letter regarding Me Self Love brand and future.
    7. Make care packages for homeless
    8. Identify 1 blog conference next year and make plans to sign up
    9. Join writing group
    10. Make plans to order CRCC continuing education credits.

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Project Love Unveiled