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I'm a child of God first. A wife. A mother of three angels born sleeping. A minister. Above all, I am a survivor. Join me on a transparent journey from busyness of life into business of self.


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Cleaning Once A Year IS Possible….Right?

Day 9: I’ve made it back home to Syracuse ready to hit the ground running with Day 9. We’ve made it past the first 8 days and now it is...

Oops….Did that Really Just Happen?

Day 8 Yesterday morning I woke up, got dressed, packed an overnight bag, got on the New York State thruway and headed to Albany for our church denomination Annual Conference....
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Love Is Patient. Love Is Kind.

Day 7 Sometimes in life we must stray away from an established plan based on current events. As we all have heard at this point, on June 11, 2016 Omar...