Order in the House

Day 6

Order in the House_html_6d3de899Now that we have identified barriers, and created vision boards, I believe we have enough to move into our next phase. Remember, those goals we have placed on our vision boards have the potential of coming true however it is up to each one of us to put action behind it. It is not enough to think of a goal or wish for a goal you must put some action towards the goal in order to get there.

Now before we get going on this new journey there is one major thing we must do. Like most people who are preparing to go on an adventure (vacation) there are responsibilities you take care of. You pay your bills and place a hold on your mail. The major task before going on any vacation involves cleaning your home. I speak from experience but I know I am not alone there is nothing worse then coming back from vacation to a messy home. When this occurs you immediately in a bad mood when the great memories of white beaches and light blue waters are replaced with dirty dishes, clothes everywhere, and smelly trash.

Many of us refer to our homes as our sanctuaries. It is in this place we can be safe, free, and comfortable. But what happens when our sanctuaries (homes) are messy and cluttered? We end up as the next potential for the newest season of Hoarders. You’ve seen a portion of the show. In these houses you cannot walk through the door way because it is so junky. Now when I think of messy homes (sanctuaries) I can’t help but remember when Jesus went into the temple and saw the mess that it was in. It angered him so much that turned over tables, seats, and threw people out. (Matthew 21:12) Now while I by no means am recommending you go in your house and turn your place upside down because most likely you are responsible for the junk therefore you must be responsible for bringing order, Jesus wasn’t.

Many of us find ourselves in a home that fall into one of the following categories:

  • Home #1 – full of items we don’t need
  • Home #2 – full of items we really need but we can’t find it because it is junky

I’m not sure about you but currently my home falls in category #2. Some of us still have clothes from the 80’s (that we can’t even put our pinky toe) in, bills from the 90’s, cards from old boo’s and the list can go on and on. When clutter is the order of the day I find that one’s mind is never ever truly free. You’re always looking for items and finding them in the weirdest of places. We often find items we were looking forward that we needed. When this occurs we don’t usually take time to find the item however we go to the nearest store and purchase it again. Now while we may have things you might not need during the clean up process you tend to find a much-needed item. Wasting time, money, energy, and mind space all because your sanctuary is cluttered.

The other day while cooking dinner I realized we were out of sea salt. We have iodine salt but I almost never use it so I didn’t use it. I was about to be a bit frustrated with Chad because obviously he threw away the container without mentioning we needed more. Well I went on to work some magic (because that is what I do) and the meal was just fine. As I was beginning to clean up from the dinner I went to look for aluminum foil and what did I see? An unopened box of kosher salt. All this time I was under the impression we were out of salt but the truth is the lack of order caused me to believe I didn’t have something when in reality I had it all along. Much like life often times we spend our time and energy looking for something we’ve had all along.

Affirmation: As I clear my physical clutter I am also clearing my mental and emotional clutter. Click To Tweet

Challenge: Take 5 minutes and meditate. Clear your mind. Grab your journal and set your timer to 5 minutes. For 5 minutes really think about your home. Would it work better for you if it were organized better? Is your house full of the things you love? When surrounded by the things you love you are destined to go on to do some pretty amazing things.

For the next 30 minutes I would like for you to write down all of the rooms in your home. For each room, I would like for you to go to each room and write down what you believe you can immediately discard of as we begin the process of establishing order. This will make it easier for us to develop a plan over the next couple of days. Just remember if we are thorough in completing this task just once we will never have to do it again.


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