Love and Thanksgiving Day Give-a-Way

Hey loves! So it’s been a hot country minute since I’ve been on here and lets just say while I can come up with a whole bunch of excuses, I’ll save those for NEVER. At some point they just get old. The honest truth is that I have a hard time with consistency, scheduling, and commitment to my own dream. I can’t believe that I actually typed that out for the entire world to see but hey, part of Me Self Love is being honest with you all but most importantly being honest with myself.  I am good at helping others and will be your ride or die but when it comes to me I’m often left with no energy for myself because I work so hard for others. While I have identified ways to combat that, I promise to share with you in my next post and before you ask, no it will not be another 2 months before another post is made.  In fact another post is in the works for Friday. See there’s progress.

Today I would like to briefly speak about something different. With the recent events that have taken place as a result of the presidential election (which I will not discuss because I just now found a good place to be in – at least I’m honest, you should be too) I realized Me Self Love is needed now more than ever and NOW is the time to move.

The world must learn how to master the ability to fully love self so that we can truly love others. Click To Tweet

While loving others does not mean that we have to agree 100% on every single topic it does however mean that we respect and embrace the perspectives of our brothers and sisters.  Loving others means we recognize the needs and concerns for others. Loving others means that we have to sometimes (keyword: SOMETIMES – we must also learn balance) put the needs of others before the needs of ourselves. As the holiday season is quickly approaching us there will be several things that the Me Self Love team will do to ensure we do our part in taking care of the needs of others. After all the only way to conquer hate is with love. Could you imagine the hate we could drive out if we all worked together in love?

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us I realize there are people who are not as fortunate as I. With that being said, I would like to bless a family in need. If you know of a family who could use a boost to have a festive and enjoyable meal I would like to help by giving a Visa gift card.  You do not need to sign up for anything. All I ask is that you send the family’s name, the amount of people in their family, your name, and your email address to  You do not have to be local (Syracuse, NY) but should reside in the U.S. . The winner will be selected and notified on Sunday evening. The gift card will be mailed out on Monday morning! Don’t worry it will all be kept confidential because after all true love covers at all times.


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Love and Thanksgiving Day Give-a-Way