It’s Time to Face My Fears

As I sit in a quiet space for a moment I realize I have some serious decisions to make. It’s beyond the decision of what shall I eat for snack or dinner (although that is a very important decision some days LOL). It’s beyond the decision of if I should stay and clean up or if I should go out for a walk (although those too are pretty important decisions depending on the day). The decision that I have to make is the ability to step out of my fears into my future.

Fear and I have been associates for most of my life. I can remember being in elementary school and on the very first day we had to introduce ourselves to each other. I’m not sure how all the other kids felt but for me that was torture. I began to have heart palpitations and chest pains. My pores seemed to open up and the sweat began pouring out like Niagara Falls. It’s crazy that saying the five syllables of “Hi, I’m Christina”, would cause such behavior but it did and if I’m honest sometimes it still does.

For the next 30 days I will be adamant about facing my fears. I have many things that I feel like are about to take place but there are things I must first address. From a clean house to intentionally placing myself in uncomfortable situations so I can be more comfortable with the feeling of fear these are the things that must be immediately tackled! Fear is stopping me from my destiny. I am quickly approaching my 33rd birthday and I refuse to be in the same place as I am currently.I must combat fear with confidence so I can reach my destiny.

Is fear stopping you? Chances are the answer might be yes. If this is correct, join me for the next couple of weeks as we move from fear to future. Once in Bible study my pastor quoted Joyce Meyers ( I believe) in saying if you fear something you must learn to do it afraid. This is what we are going to do.

First up, it’s time for us to clean house! Before you judge me and say, “Christina, you attempted this about a year ago but made no progress”, I can honestly say the junk in my house is cluttering my ability to think. The 14 day to a clean home schedule will be up on Friday with a detailed outline with an overview of how this clean home project is going to go. And just for clarification this type of cleaning is not the type of cleaning where it’s just spot cleaning. I’m talking about a real good scrubbing down, wall washing, throwing away, and donating items for a truly spotless home.

Until then just meditate on this thought: “Clean heart, clean home.”


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It’s Time to Face My Fears