Its Time to Design Your Perfect Day

Good day love world!!!! Can you believe it’s Friday???? IF your week has been like mine you are super glad it’s here. With seminary reading and homework, work, and trying to help with maintaining a household, let’s just say sometimes I can’t keep my schedule straight. Hence this entry for the day.


Have you ever had the best of intentions when you woke up in the morning to destroy and dismantle your to-do list? I mean when you first start the day your to-do list has nothing on you but as the day progresses this list has morphed into the Incredible Hulk and has destroyed you. Well at least I would like to think this is the case but in reality of the reason I am not able to dismantle my list is because of ME! If only you were here while I was typing this you would have watch the invisible weight of me, lifted off of my chest.  But where do I begin to figure out all of the distractions that are distracting me?


I have to take a moment the various ways I spend my time.


I found an awesome app named Time Logger 2 that I will be using for the next two days to see where I am spending my time. Once I figure that out then I can establish a realistic schedule to include all of my needs, desires, and dreams (which include a successful blog). So far today I have spent about 45 mins watching television and roughly 30 minutes blogging. I can already see where my issue begins. Well on Monday I will update you all on my findings but I suggest you too figure out where you are wasting your time. You might find the reason why you don’t have time to chase your dream is because you’re wasting your time?


One of the cool features about the Time Logger 2 app is after you track your time for however long you deem needed you come out with a cool pie chart visually showing you where you spend your time!



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