It’s In You Already! Go Forth and Be Great!

Good Morning Love World and Happy Friday!!!! This week has been full of many highs some I can comment on and other highs that will be soon to tell. Many of you know that I often have lessons from God in unordinary ways. I can be riding down the street and all of a sudden BAAM it’s teaching time. Now there’s no booming voice comes down from heaven saying “Christina, it’s time for you to learn something”. It’s more of me experiencing a situation and then thinking “Wow, there’s a lesson in that”. Sometimes they are good lessons. Sometimes they are bad lessons. In this season I understand every lesson is not a feel good lesson. Some lessons are just downright painful lesson. Anywho- if it’s lesson time for me that means it’s lesson time for you. I WILL NOT suffer alone! LOL!!!!

So the other day I realized I was going to have to go to the mall to take care of business. Since I’m all about order and not wasting gas money because paying all of $3 is another foolish thing to do, I realized I could condense a personal errand with this trip. I needed to get my jewelry inspected to maintain the warranty. I took the time that morning to dig out all of the necessary pieces and placed them in my bag. I get to the mall, walk to the jewelry store, look in my bag, and guess what no jewelry. I dug around everything in my bag and still no jewelry. At this point I was a little disturbed because that meant another trip to the mall to accomplish my mission. I ended up leaving the mall and going to another store. I get to the store, get the few needed items, and head to the checkout counter. I greeted the cashier and begin to dig in my bag praying my wallet was in there. I opened the bag. I felt a foreign object. I pulled it out and guess what? It was the missing jewelry. I, being my extra self, screamed “I had it this whole time”. The cashier bewildered kept going while I stood there realizing it’s lesson time.

I’m not sure about you but I often ask God about my purpose and his plans for my life. As the plans begin to unfold I find myself asking the question “Am I good enough?”. Though I understand that I am because He would not have given me an assignment I was not able to complete. While this is true sometimes I can’t help but feel like I am missing pieces. As I stood there I realized that I am carrying everything needed to complete my purpose, I just have to find it. If you find yourself in this position of not knowing if you are capable of your purpose remember these quick facts:

  1. You are capable otherwise God would not have assigned you such task.
  2. You have everything you need to complete the assignment. This might mean you have to dig deep and get rid of the junk but you lack NOTHING! YOU have everything you need, you just have to find it!

Enjoy your weekend family!


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