I’m Back Like I Never Left

Well hello everyone!! It’s been a long four weeks without checking in with you all so I believe it’s time to show you what I’ve been up to lately. Four weeks ago I traveled to the land of Chic Fil-A and Cook-Out. The place where Bojangles and Penn Station ( have you had a sub from there??…if not you missing out). To a place where the food is good, the people are friendly, and the air is clear. To a place that houses the Greatest HBCU (Historically Black College and University) in the land! Can I get an AGGIE PRIDE??? The place I am referring to is called Greensboro, North Carolina.

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Greensboro holds a special place near and dear to my heart. It was where I went to college at the tender age of 17. It was there where I met my babe, Chad ,at a stop light on what was called Four Seasons Blvd. (I will tell you the story one day). My friends and I shared many of deep conversations over Cook- Out trays and Mrs. Winner’s fried chicken dinner’s (2 pieces and 2 sides was only $1.99). Oh and who can forget Grand China delivered massive meals to campus many of nights (was that really chicken)! It was there I formed a bond with one of my best friends Star! So you can only imagine my surprise when my church denomination held one of its most important conferences (General Conference – where rules, legislatives, etc.) was going to be held there. I jumped at the opportunity with no hesitation or second thought. Even if that meant I would drive there on my own which is what I did.

There will be many posts about this experience because I learned a lot but let’s cut to the chase. We are all here trying to read how this trip to food heaven would fair out on my waist. When I left Syracuse I weighed 305.2. When I left Syracuse I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t gain all of my weight back. As soon as I got there my friend told me she was the same mission too and this eased my heart! We went to Zumba together and had less food outings. The following Wednesday you could only imagine my surprise when I weighed in at 303.4. My first week was a success! Got to my second week and wellllll what had happened was… (Quick side bar – have you ever noticed anytime a person begins with this what usually follows is a long excuse…welllll let’s go) . Cook – Out was calling my name. Christiinnna….Chriisstinna… don’t you just want to spend some time together? That cheddar style burger tray no mayo double Cajun fries, kept calling my name. And then there was Chic-Fil-A’s spicy chicken sandwich and so many other places that I just loved. I went to a yummy Chinese food spot called Golden Dragon (off Battleground) . Despite the fact that I still managed to get some walking in at Myrtle Beach and still attended Zumba classes when I got on the scale when I got back home on Thursday I saw 305.4. I wish I could say I was disappointed but I wasn’t. I was super proud of me. I only gained 2 lbs. There have been many times I came back from a visit to the south and I was up 10-15 lbs. I shrugged off the number and celebrated my small success.   As you can see I went back to business and hard. I stuck with Shake-ology shakes (for a meal replacement) and small meals for lunch and dinner. Stepped on the scale today and saw 295.8. Im glad to be out of the 300’s and 18.6 lbs down.

There is so much I want to say about my experience but I will save it for another post…starting tomorrow. For now know that you girl is back in the 200’s and she’s ready to rumble. Her eyes are on the 280’s and she will see it before August is over.

Affirmation: “ I am determined to win no matter my location and situation!”

Challenge: Grab your journal, take a moment, and reflect on your progress since we first began. Are you pleased with your results? If so, what are the things you are doing? Are you avoiding breads and carbs? Are you avoiding red meats? Are you exercising daily? If you are not doing as well as you’d like to what should you do differently? Once you address your roadblocks success is sure to come.


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