I Plan To Win…Do You?

A few days ago I lost big, today I am going to show you how I made that possible. My secret? Meal Planning. Before I get to meal planning I want to explain to you why I do it. I meal plan not because I have control issues (okay maybe I do….maybe I don’t….one may never know….and if you do maybe I will have to…give you a hug….a hard one), I take on the task of meal planning because of the opposite spectrum of control – a lack of self control. Benjamin Franklin once said “ If you fail to plan, your planning to fail”. I make a plan just so that I am not setting myself up for failure.

I must take a moment to plan my meals or in a moment my meals will plan for itself. Click To Tweet

So of course I am an avid believe that everyday you experience different things to help you grow. Today while working at church I forgot to bring my lunch but I had a back up plan. I brought my Shake-Ology bag (protein shake meal replacer) and mixer with me so I was not going to fail! One of the mothers of the church came upstairs to let me know there where extra sandwiches from their meeting left over. I went downstairs and looked at the spread. There were two types of subs: tuna fish and turkey. They also had an assortment of chips. I surveyed the situation and was about to make my tough decision. Another mother of our church looked at me. Though we didn’t speak I knew she had seen my Facebook post. Her eyes basically said make a good decision. Me being me I laughed out loud and eased her concerns by saying “ Don’t worry, I got a plan.” I then proceeded to say if I get the turkey I will have chips if I want the tuna I will have no chips. She busted out laughing and we began laughing together. I grabbed the tuna and some pickled jalapeños and kept it moving. Though this was not my planned lunch I succeeded in making the best choice possible and this is what I did.

Moral of the Story: You can create a plan in a second if you just take a moment to think. It doesn’t always have to be detailed. (Letting go of my control issues)

So how does one begin the task of meal planning? These are the steps that I take and I hope you find it helpful.

Step 1: Grab a piece of paper, notebook or a meal planning sheets. There are tons below. Here a picture of the sheet that I use. If your sheet does not have include the days of the week I recommend writing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for each day you are planning for.

Here is the sheet I currently use. I am in the process of creating my own.


Step 2: I think of all of the cravings I had last week and write them down. Whether it was pizza, fried chicken, shrimp and grits, or cheesy macaroni and cheese. I make sure these cravings are make the meal plan for the following week. I write them on a list and then proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Check out one of my favorite healthy swap websites to find easy swaps for my cravings and fill in the meals for the week




Step 4: Fill in all other blanks with easy meals that can be prepared ahead of time or with little time. You would be surprise on the different ways you can eat chicken breast in one day. When in doubt find a recipe you can use with food items you already have.

Step 5: Make sure you have snacks handy.

You’ll be surprise how you can avoid the fast food demons by simply having a bottle of water and a handful of nuts.

Extra Credit:

If you are an overachiever (like myself) you might want to take the extra step and prepare 2-3 meals for the week. That way when you are hungry and rushing home you stick to the plan and not your lips to the chips.

Affirmation: I must take a moment to plan my meals or in a moment my meals will plan for itself.

Challenge: Grab a piece a paper (meal planning sheet or blank notebook) and let’s begin meal planning. If you are not used to planning for a week worth of meals, start by planning a meal for one day. If you are used to planning for two days then plan for another. Make sure you incorporate one new food item. You’ll might be surprise when you find yourself liking something you’ve never tried before. As you can see I am trying a few items this week! Happy Eating!

Comment below and let us know your new food item you plan on trying? I’ll show my meal plan tomorrow as well as my incentive goals for my 50 pound gone challenge.


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