Hey…. You Can’t Walk There

Day 3:

The other day as I was leaving our apartment I noticed a notification on the door that leads to outside. The notification allowed us to know that they were spraying pesticides and no one should walk on the grass (not even our fur babies). The notification went on to say if our fur babies swallow any of the pesticides it could result in their death. For those who don’t know I have a “dog-ter” Sophie and if anything were to ever happen to her (that I could have prevented) I would be devastated. Play about her because I don’t (incorrect sentence syntax and all).

Anywho, back to the story. So on the day of pesticide application I went through my normal routine of walking Sophie. As soon as I walked outside with Sophie on the leash I knew we had a problem. I understood that neither Sophie nor I could walk on the grass but Sophie did not understand, not one bit. So we began to walk. She headed towards the grass. I pulled her away. She walked on the payment for 20 seconds and then pulled away towards the grass again. I pulled her back closer towards me. She pulled away towards the grass. Now if I could be a dog interpreter (like Dog-Whisperer Caesar) I’m sure this is how the conversation in her head was going:

Sophie: Umm what’s the deal and why can’t I walk there. I walk there every day. Morning after morning I am allowed to relieve myself in these places I usually frequent but today you are not allowing me to do this. I’m not sure what happened during your sleep last night but you’re crazy…. where’s my man human Chad. I’m sure he would let me walk on the grass.

Me: You just can’t walk there. It might kill you!

As we were walking I was talking to Sophie out loud. I know anyone who was watching probably thought I was a crazy human. But it did not matter because I was going to keep my girl protected at all costs even if she did not understand. In this moment I understood that God was teaching me a lesson. As we get to know each other you’ll learn this is one of the ways of how He communicates with me. In that moment of not allowing Sophie walked in her usual places I imagined myself in Sophie’s place and God as my walker. I could imagine God saying, “I understand your frustrations in life. You’re frustrated because there are places you have previously walked that you can no longer walk in because I am protecting you. I know you are accustomed to going this way, talking this way, being associated with these people, eating this, working there, but if I allow you to continue to walk in those places you’ve frequented for so long it might just kill you because it is poisonous. Walking in those places will prevent you from fulfilling your purpose and reaching your destiny. It’s time to say to yourself “ I can’t walk there”.

Affirmation: I will only walk in authorized places. Any place else might cause me to miss my purpose and destiny. Click To Tweet

Challenge: Take 5 minutes and meditate. Set your timer for 15 minutes.

For the next 15 minutes write down all of the places you are feeling led to walk away from. Understand this a place does not have to be a physical place but it can be a spiritual place, mental place, or a financial place.

Where are the places you have decided you will no longer walk?


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Hey…. You Can’t Walk There