Got Vision?

Day 5

For the past few days we have dealt with heavy topics. We have asked ourselves the questions: Where am I? We have paused to see if we are mini Darth Vader’s walking around. I know some of ya’ll so please don’t lie. We have found out and identified the places we are unable to walk and we have come to the conclusion we are being taken to a higher place.

After figuring out:
1. Though frustrated with certain things about myself ( which we will begin to discuss in the next few weeks) I really was not in as bad of a place as I thought. Though my bank account felt the wrath of being free of the Corporate America paychecks I am free in mind and spirit to go after everything God has for me (something that I was not while working Corporate). If I could grab a hold of what is and let go of what was just maybe I could get somewhere in life.

2. While I have dealt with two major incidences that should have made me Darth Vader (miscarriages), I was still a mini Anakin Skywalker walking around. Like Anakin I am full of purpose, power , and potential but there are a few areas that I must address (I’d like to call them my fab five : faith, food and fitness, family, finances, and fun), that I must face and address if I am ever going to become a Jedi.

3. There are places I can no longer walk, environments I can no longer find myself in, and people I can no longer walk with.

4. No matter how bad a situation is, what it looks or feels like, I am going to higher grounds. God is taking me somewhere whether I like it or not.

After learning all of the above I felt a little heavy. I decided that I should take on a more interactive task. It’s time to cast a vision for myself. When thinking of visually casting my vision I decided I wanted to be creative and create a vision board. It’s so much easier to cast a vision when you can see what it is you are casting. I realized it’s time for me to create a sacred space that will display what I actually want to bring to life to serve as a reminder. As I began to complete this task myself, I realized that my vision board should not be full of materialistic things but it could also include quotes that will accurately state how I would like to feel. In creating this board I will be able to create a visual anchor as I continue on in this journey of me self love.

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Challenge: Gather any magazines, newspaper, or pictures you have laying around. Grab a seat and get comfortable. Set your timer for 5 minutes and clear your mind.

For however it longs it takes you (It took me two days to complete this) I want you to take go through each magazine, news paper, pictures you have.

Cut out anything that inspires you or motivates you to be a better person. It could be a house, a car, a quote , a picture of someone working out, or a picture of someone being happy. Make sure you grab a poster board or a cork board and affix all of your images on your board.

Once you’re done grab a camera and take a picture. Let me know how you are feeling so far on this journey by commenting below and send your picture to me at We would love to see it.


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A Higher Place
Got Vision?