Get Rid of that Weight! Are you in or Nah?

Two days ago I realized that I needed to break from Mission Clean Sweep to begin working on another area of my life. It didn’t help that I took a recent picture of myself and was like “whoa Christina its time to do something.” The whole purpose of Me Self Love is to remove all barriers preventing me from living the life I love. Throughout the last few weeks while doing the daily exercises I have identified five areas of my life that I must improve. I’d like to call them my Fab Five. My Fab Five include: Faith, Food and Fitness, Family, Finances, and Fun.

Get Ride of that Weight! Are you in or Nah__html_3869bc74Two days ago I hopped on the scale and said its time to face me. The me that I have been avoiding for the past three years. The me that I have been partially ashamed of. It was time to face my weight, partially because my jeans are totally tighter than I remember and partially because I came to the conclusion that the dryer did not shrink all of my clothes (although I’m sure it has accounted for a few casualties). So I grabbed the scale plopped it on the floor and waited for the number to register. During the time I had while the numbers kept going up, I traveled down memory lane to three years ago. Three years ago I started out on this same quest. In one year I managed to see an awesome one hundred pound weight loss. We then conceived children and experienced loss and here I was again looking forward to the same journey once more. I snapped back to reality when the number registered was 314.4 lbs. At this moment I realized I didn’t keep my promise the God. The one where I said “God, If I get under 300 lbs I will never see this number again”. Realizing it was time to attack the fat one more time I hopped off the scale saying “if I did it before I can do it again.” No matter what I must keep my word to God.

So what’s my plan you might ask? Great question.

The first part of the plan is to get back to Weight Watchers. The Weight Watchers that I have been paying for the last six months. If you are interested the online plan is about $20/per month and you do not have to purchase any food. Weight Watchers works by giving you a certain amount of points you get daily. Most food choices you eat have a point value assigned to it. This works very well for me by showing me that I was in control of what I put in my mouth (maybe I have control issues….okay I do). Weight Watchers also taught me that you don’t have to eat what you don’t love. In other words if you don’t love it, then leave it. Weight Watchers also encouraged meal planning so I could eat what I want. The beauty of Weight Watchers is you can eat whatever you want and nothing is off limits. You can have pizza from your local spot, fried chicken from the joint around the corner, or ice cream from Cold Stone.

The second part of the plan is get back to fitness. After I got off the scale, with the prompting of a friend, I dusted off my Charge Fitbit and set a goal of 5,000 steps. Once I get my meal plan together I will incorporate going to the gym and walking Sophie more.

I am focused and determined to make the best decisions for optimal health of my mind, body, and soul. Click To Tweet


By doing these two things I know I will reach my end of the year goal that I have in my mind. Let it be known world of Me Self Lovers I, Christina Nicole Sellers, will lose 50 lbs by the time the clock strikes 12:00 am for January 1, 2017. For extra incentives I will have several may goals that will help me reach my goal. Over the next two days I will establish my goals and share them here.

I’m excited about this journey and I’m even more happier that you are coming with me. I will be posting more often in the beginning of this journey. I will show you how I get through meal planning, meal cooking, and meal prepping (for the week). Oh and we will most definitely get back to cleaning the house so don’t worry Day 13 is coming soon.

Affirmation: I am focused and determined to make the best decisions for optimal health of my mind, body, and soul.

Challenge: Today we are going to scrap the journal entry.
Forget about me and think of yourself. Do you have dreams of being healthier? Do you dream of that two piece (for the ladies) or shirtless for the men? If so, comment below and commit to taking this journey with me. You can simply comment below simply saying “I commit”. If you want to take it a step further write down the amount you WILL lose. You might want to also hop on the scale to figure out your starting point. No more guessing. Loving yourself means you take the time out to care for yourself. What better way to start by caring for your body? Are you in or nah?



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Get Rid of that Weight! Are you in or Nah?