Every time I Lose, I Win!

Lately I have been getting the question of “What keeps you motivated on your weight loss journey?” My answer is simple: “Every time I lose, I win”.

Any time a team of any sorts wins a game it does not simply occur. A win occurs because a win is earned through discipline, practice, hard work, studying, sweat and tears. I am imaging my weight loss journey as a weight loss tournament. Each pound I lose is a point. Every time I lose 5 points ( 5 pounds) I’ve won the game and I get a reward ( a much needed one, I might add). From manicures to pedicures, from a fabulous date with me to an awesome pair of kicks my rewards are super dope. I’ve decided if I am going to go on this journey for a second time it’s going to be a challenge. Its going to be fun.

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So my ultimate goal is to lose 50 lbs by the end of the 2016. How I plan to do this is to lose by the end of October I will lose 25 lbs. From previous experience the first 20 comes off easily ( at least when you weigh over 300 lbs) so I am projecting to be 20 lbs down by August 31. The rewards listed will keep me focused because I want them. My eyes are on the prize and let’s just say I am in desperate need of a manicure!

Tomorrow’s weigh in day. Will tomorrow be the day I win a pedicure??? Come back tomorrow and find out!

Affirmation: Every time I lose, I win.

Challenge: Take 5 minutes and meditate. Clear your mind. Grab your journal and set your time for 20 minutes.

Think about your total weight loss goals for the rest of the year. What is it? Take that number and divide by 5 (the number months left in the year) Take that number and divide by 4 (the number of weeks in most months). This is the amount of weight you must lose per week to reach your goal.

 Example: Ted would like to lose 25 lbs by the end of the year.

That means he would need to loose 5lbs per month (the equivalent 1.25 lbs a week). When choosing a reward schedule Ted could consider a reward after losing 2.5 lbs .

Now it’s time to make your own reward schedule. Do you need a new watch? Earn it! New sneakers? Earn it! A pedicure? Earn it! Once you have finished your reward schedule please feel free to share it below.


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I Plan To Win…Do You?
Every time I Lose, I Win!