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Do You Have An Attitude of Gratitude?

Day 11

The Sellers household has finally began to do a clean sweep Marie Kondo style.  In case you have not had the opportunity to read the Day 9 let me help you out real quick. New York bestseller Marie Kondo is a organization guru. She notes the best way to clean up your home is to group your home into the following sections: clothes (broken down into tops, bottoms, socks, underwear, bags, shoes, jewelry/accessories), shoes, papers, miscellaneous , and keepsakes. Once you have determined which category you will work with you have to gather all of the items that fall into that category and place it on the floor. Your then (without distraction) have to examine each item. Through this examination process you have to ask yourself questions such as, does the item makes you happy? Does the item bring you joy? Does the items have holes in it? Should this item have been trashed centuries ago?

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Kondo advises using three bins to help with the sorting process but since we didn’t have that available we sectioned off the room under the following three categories: donate, keep, trash. We started off with Chad going first. He grabbed all of his sweaters, shirts, and suits and placed them on the floor. He went back and forth about three times. I reminded him of all of the other places where he had shirts stored and he slowly went and got them. I was beginning to believe he might have issues with throwing away items but instead of being the nagging wife I put my thoughts aside for just a moment. Well this belief quickly became a reality when as he began to sort items everything he touched went to the keep pile. While it began to frustrate me a little I quietly said “Babe we have to get ride of the some items”.

Day 11

He then took it more seriously and we were able to get one and a half trash bags off of his stuff alone. This was such a great victory and I am so proud of him.Then came my turn. I grabbed first my shirts and went to work. I recently threw out a lot of my clothes that did not fit ( they were a constant reminder of where I was not physically) so it did not take long and I did not have much to throw away. Two bags in  total is completely gone from the Sellers household and will never  return again.

While we completed Day 1 of Mission Clean Sweep I sat there with the thought of a saying I hear quite often after a group receives Holy Communion , “as these go let others come”. I started to get excited for all of the great things we were beginning to make room for in the Sellers’ household. Was it more clothes? Was it more jackets? As my mind drifted I realized that if I am always focusing on what is about to come I will never be satisfied with what I have. Could it be that the reason it is time to make room is so we have room to admire what we already have. Too often we fix our minds on the more. More money. More jewelry. A bigger house. Another car. Another degree. Another car. More friends. In the same moment I had extreme excitement I was felt extreme conviction. Fixing our minds on the more will always leave us with a major  problem. We will never be satisfied. We will always desire that one thing.  This feeling of wanting more creates a perpetual cycle that will never be complete unless it is broken. We must stop wanting more and realize that more does not always equal satisfaction but it could result in the need to go through a purging process all over again. We must learn to become satisfied with the blessings we already possess, after all quantity does not always mean quantity.

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Challenge:  Take 5 minutes and meditate. Clear your mind. Grab your journal and set your time for 20 minutes.

As you begin your own mission to completely clean your home did you find yourself in the same position as Chad or I? Were you hesitant like Chad in throwing away clothes? Were you excited like me for the room because of the space you’ve made that could hold brand new items? Did you (like me) come to the same conclusion that you find yourself with space and already wanting more? In other words, do you find yourself never really satisfied with what you have? Well we are going to combat the feeling of never being satisfied together. Let’s take the remainder of our time and really take inventory of what we have. Is it an awesome relationship? Is it a prize possession?  In doing this we will learn how to be appreciative for what we have and possess an attitude for gratitude.

Feel like sharing? Comment by sharing one thing that you are grateful for. I’ll start us off. I am grateful for each and everyone of you that take the time to spend time with me here. There are so many other blogs on the Internet and you’ve taken the time to stop here. I pray these blogs bless you as they are blessing me. ❤

P.S.-  I can’t wait to show you all the before and after pictures of the Seller’s Operation clean sweep. 


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