Are you Darth Vader?

Day 2:

A few months ago I had the pleasure of watching Star Wars. Well let me be honest and say when I began to watch Star Wars it was more of an attempt to emerge myself in my husband’s world (because that’s what good wives do). Well lets just say I was going for the best wife of the year award (golden platinum version) because I went through all episodes. Sitting there I enjoyed watching all of the characters but took great interest in Anakin Skywalker.

Young Anakin had excellent piloting skills. He built a protocol droid C-3P0 specially modified to withstand heat and sand. At the age of 9 young Anakin was selected to become a Jedi. While young Anakin has many things going for him Anakin also had many issues. He was arrogant and impatient. He was a rule breaker. He experience anger at the death of his mother finally finding himself with a desire to possess high powers. His desire to possess higher powers led him to the dark side. Crazy part is if he had the ability to move all of his ‘cons’ out of the way he would have been able to see the higher powers he desired was the higher powers he already possessed. If he addressed his ‘cons’ he would have had enough patience, endurance, and strength needed to become who was he supposed to become…a JEDI!!!

Now before you go judging Darth Vader we all must take a moment and look at ourselves. When doing this myself I realized I was extremely impatient (whoooooo not mee?). In all seriousness what scared me the most was that if I do not check some of my ways not only would I sacrifice who I was created to be but I also give up my God given destiny to the dark side for something God has already given me. A few days after I watched all of the episodes I was walking around saying “NO DARTH VADER”. During conversations I would bust out saying this so much so that I’m sure people thought I was crazy. I however was not the crazy person but saying this affirmed the thought “If I don’t change my direction and address some things, I will forfeit my purpose, future, and destiny.” Anakin was purposed to be a Jedi but because he did not check himself and fully recognize his purpose, he settled for less from something he ALREADY had. Don’t let that be you!

Affirmation: “I’m not Darth Vader. I am a Jedi!” Click To Tweet

Challenge: Take 5 minutes and meditate. Grab your journal and set your timer to 15 minutes.

For the next 15 minutes write all of the areas in your life that are dark that need you to shine a light so you can focus your attention. Are you selfish? Are you arrogant? Are you impatient? Are you rude? Are you quick to speak? Are you too busy about busyness of others that you are into the business of self? Do you spend too much money? Are you Darth Vader?


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Are you Darth Vader?