A Higher Place

Day 4:

About a month ago I found myself in a funk. It was the usual funk of feeling like a hamster on a wheel. You know the feeling. The feeling of despite all of the work you’re doing you’re just not getting anywhere. Despite the fact that I had finally seen progress with the blog (thanks TEAM 🙂 ) I was still struggling with the feeling of being stuck. I did what any sane female would do at this point. I went to the mall …. duh!! So I went to the mall with the goal of getting away from my funk and out of the house to purchase some items for upcoming pictures. I was able to purchase everything I needed (which consisted of the shirt and belt ) for $25. For a woman on budget that was a steal!

So there I was standing on the escalator, bags in hand, heading back towards my car. In that moment God said ” It’s lesson time, look behind you.” As I looked behind me I saw a family which consisted of a man, woman, stroller (with a baby inside), and a little girl. The man struggled with the many bags the family had. Then followed the woman who was struggling with the stroller that held baby. The little girl began to slow down her pace. I looked forward toward the the top of the escalator to make sure I was not about to fall and once I judged how much further I had to go to reach the top, I turned back again. The woman and the stroller made it on the escalator safely. The man began to get on the escalator with all of the bags and he attempted to grab the little girl’s hand. Now just as this story was about to have a quick ending with the little girl safely on (because she trusted her father’s hand) the little girl did what any person might do in that situation. She quickly yanked her hand back from her father and remained on the platform. Her father jumped back to the platform and stood with the little girl who at this point was full of tears. From accessing the situation briefly, the young girl was full of fear. I would imagine if I had a conversation with the young girl she would indicate that she wanted to go with to the next level with her family but the fear of the constantly moving object caused great fear. Despite having his hands full with bags, the father at this point did what any kind and loving father would do, he picked up his daughter and carried her to the top. Once safely to the top the girl began smiling and dancing as if nothing ever happened.

Do you find yourself feeling like you’re a hamster on wheel? Running and running with your eyes closed because you are tired of looking. You’re moving your arms and legs so fast that you think you should be so far past your starting point only to find when you open your eyes you find you’re in the same place. Pondering a hamster in it’s cage running on the wheel I realized something. Even after repositioning a hamster’s cage in a different place not much has changed in the world of the hamster. The wheel is still in the same place. Both the food and the water bowl is still in the same place. The biggest difference that the hamster may never notice is that the cage is in a different position. After watching the little girl I felt God was showing me what was going on in my life. Here I was feeling like I am not doing anything but I neglected to consider the thought of being carried to a higher place.

Affirmation: Despite what I feel and what it looks like, I am being carried to a higher place. Click To Tweet

Challenge: Take 5 minutes and meditate. Clear your mind. Grab your journal and set your timer to 15 minutes.Write what comes to mind with no filter.

For a moment stop going off of your feelings. Don’t even go off of what you see. For the next 15 minutes consider the higher place you are being carried to. Are you being carried to more peace and joy? Are you being carried to writing your own blog or book? Are you being carried to starting you own business? Are you being carried to focusing on your self? Where do you believe you are being carried to?


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