Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. Car stereo fitting and 12 months interest free, find out more here today. Reply. Radio, Back-Up Alert, etc. Hopefully this works for you. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME: Problem description: My computer’s display turns black and white. I have an Alpine touch screen radio? This is quite annoying as it didn't happen before the update, I could use maps and listen to local radio … Thank you for letting me vent if you read this far, you may see this on other consumer sites as well. A DVD touch screen is usually made from an LCD or LED display. More than likely the radio LCD screen has failed. Radio worked. SSM 47380 2016-2018 Various Vehicles - SYNC 3 - Intermittent Blue Or Black Screen Some 2016-2018 Ford and Lincoln vehicles with SYNC 3 may exhibit an intermittent blue or black screen. If the yellow wire and black wire are connected correct, but the red wire being connected with permeation power, then the radio will drain car battery. I cannot get it without the use of the radio. In order to track down the reason that your car radio won't turn on, you'll want to tackle each of these potential issues one at a time. My radio screen went completely black. This could have happened during the repair for the timing belt when the battery was disconnected and re-connected. Q. I saw you wrote a car review on the Subaru WRX, and was wondering if you have driven the WRX STi? I Google my problem and this site pulled up. CarPlay Shows a Black Screen. My car is on but the center screen does not even turn on. One hot summer day the screen came back on clear for a few minutes, and went black again. Hi there. My best friend had a fusion same thing took it to the dealership they wanted 3 grand and she just traded hers in In a few seconds, the entire radio/nav screen went black. My radio screen started turning off a few months ago (over 3 years after this car was purchased) and got worse as time went on. NO FORUM HOMEPAGES. Help. Thanks for this information. For more information on how we collect and use this information, please review our Privacy Policy. After 3,000 miles, I have no problem starting my Jeep. The very stiff suspension of the STi, the more powerful engine and huge brakes in my opinion are wasted on a car that will never be driven to its limits. After reviewing countless complaints on-line about this issue with Chevy's(same screen in multiple lines) from 2012-2014 it appears to be a software update issue or maybe a fuse. Like MirrorLink, CarPlay projects your screen to the dashboard and utilizes your car audio system for projecting the incoming sound. No Nav, A/C controls, home link, etc. If you have a for-profit service, contact us. Replaced module, still doing it. I told them it was a software issue based from what I have researched and the gentleman said "it could be a lot of things" I told him I needed to get back to work in 1.5 hours and he said they can get it done. I went into the trunk and disconnected the battery (I chose the positive/red cable) for at least a minute or so. Started 3000 pass the warranty. My car radio screen went blank. I am at 38300miles. After being away for a week, I got in my Model S this morning, and center screen was black/blank. A. These other service intervals will take into account the time as well as the mileage. The audio was still playing and I could adjust the volume from the steering wheel and when I press the volume knob the audio stopped, as if the radio was off as it should. - Honda 2005 Accord question White's Chevrolet in my town offered to sell me a new radio for 6 or 7 hundred dollars. Issue also effects the a/c and heater. When I told the mechanic the next day, he just said “its old’’, I didn’t buy it! At this point I would wait to see if the check engine light comes back on. I am definitely disappointed by the quality. After checking for a solution online, this is what WORKED for us. so i bought it off of him . u can hear the radio on but nothing on the the screen is showing. Sometimes it pops on and off. Started it, still blank screen. Most car radios have two power wires—one that is always hot, which provides power to the memory, and one that is only hot when you turn on the ignition key. The dealer had the car the whole day running a battery diagnostic. Q. I have 2001 Jeep Cherokee with 89,000 miles on it. We got it for $200. I have a 2007 Chrysler 300 3.5l (not sure if engine size matters) but the radio screen is blank and the only thing that works is the on/off/volume and the station preset buttons on the left. They send to broken units out to be repaired and then charge you just over $800 for the refurbished unit. The radio / audio system is dead, OnStar and phone connection being a part of the audio of course is not working either. Come w the car. Screen turned black all the sudden. This truck has less than 2,500 miles on it. radio turns on. Q. I have a 2009 Jeep Liberty and thinking about having installed an aftermarket speed control. Started car this morning, radio came on, went to change station, then update the stations, after that it went black. Addressing common problems with LCD displays. Identifying car stereo wires might seem intimidating, but in truth, figuring out the purpose of each wire in a factory car stereo wiring harness is actually pretty easy. The black wire behind the dash is your ground wire, which should have been connected to a bolt or screw that contacts the bare metal of the car's chassis. The screen is not black, I can see things on it and when I change things (radio stations, temperature) via steering wheel controls, I … Car radio problems are most common with aftermarket equipment installed, but even OEM equipment can experience problems ranging from shorts to blown fuses to corrosion. Thanks! Unsubscribe any time. I push the big black button on the middle for the music app on the screen and nothing happens. I decided to go with an after market panel and radio to replace the stock unit and saved about $200 and everything was new not REFURBISHED.. Today when I was in reverse the camera showed on the screen and once I put the car in drive, the camera remained on for a few minutes then reverted back. Back before computer controlled cars the aftermarket kits were not close to the operation of a factory unit. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. I have no idea if it was related to giving a jump or not but that's the only different thing that happened today with the car. They were very nice and scheduled for an appointment back at Hare and said they would take care of some or all of the bill and they would follow-up afterwards. Coronavirus There are many reasons why you could be seeing a black screen where you expect to see your video feed—it could be a permissions issue, a software conflict, or a simple settings issue on the website or app. Don't let a dealer tell you that you need a much more costly repair until you try this first. This engine was plenty powerful developing nearly 300 horsepower and still returning an overall average of 21 miles per gallon. The 30,000 mile service is a series of checkups and filter changes, if this were my car I would also look at all of the service that would normally be performed up to about 80,000 miles. California consumers may exercise their CCPA rights here. He walked me to my car. Otherwise the screen is black and unresponsive. When it died again and I jumped it the screen was back and when I replaced the battery the screen was back on 2 … Car has 10,180 miles, mostly driven during summer. Not sure why disconnecting the battery worked, but a formerly blank screen turned right back on after reconnecting. I need to know of a dealership in NC or VA who is familiar with this problem and can actually fix it. Dealer will charge you 100.00 or more to unhook battery to reset computer, try it yourself first. I installed a new radio yesterday and now my car won't start. Just make sure to get the radio… So I went from a partially functional stereo to a dead brick. Do I need to replace a 6-year-old battery? When I go to turn on the car the radio will play but the screen is blank and I can not see to change channels or anything.. no radio, not sure how to fix it - black screen - really would like advise on how to fix it our trade the damn car in. AC "Auto" light is still on. The radio in my car is dead. This problem may be covered under warranty. Do I need to replace my crankcase sensor? Is 50,000 miles too long to wait for a transmission fluid change? 37 mile one way commute to work, probably 28 miles of it cruising on the highway. This is after I posted this, if I switch the radio on when the screen is lit, it works but goes on and off with that flash of the radio screen. I contacted the Chevy customer care center to see what they said. Crazy! When my problem began. I left my new Tesla at the Louisville airport for two weeks, not plugged in. A little over a week ago I experienced my screen going black 4 times in a row over a 20 minute period with a stop/start in the middle of the drive. The latest Charger may be one of the best mid/full sized cars on the market today. I have a 2014 ford fusion se when my battery died it sp did my screen on my radio. Just bought a C220CDI 2008 2 week ago.Just fine.Two days ago the central dispaly screen just fadded out. The complaints are organized into groups with data published by vehicle, vehicle component, and specific problem. Nearly every commute, touch screen works just fine at first. They replaced the fuel cap, fuel filler hose and the valve cover gasket. How about the dealer? 2009 bmw c5 x5. I pushed them up a hair. I got a new phone, tried to pair it to my car, the add button doesn't work because the touch doesn't work on the lower part of the screen. So we'll see in an hr. An electric Hummer? Kia recalling 295,000 vehicles due to risk of engine fires, Luxury Home of the Week: A sleek new-build in Cambridge for $2.59 million, Trustees of Reservations offers a glimpse of its first urban waterfront park, on Boston Harbor, U.K. to ban gasoline car sales by 2030 as part of green plan. There are a few possible causes for this problem. At 66,000 miles my Jeep would not start. Search for these popular complaint phrases... Our 2013 Camaro's screen went blank. Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 is now here and available on Steam but it seems that the game encounters a lot of errors. Is the extra performance worth the money? So must be some kind of erratic power source problem. Today the aftermarket cruise control systems work quite well. My radio comes on while my car is shut off and the key is out-1. Radio screen black most of the time. Halfords offer a wide range of car stereo systems and Bluetooth car stereos. Radio and rear sensors work as they beep when approaching hazards. I took it to the dealership and they say replace the radio but i keep hearing the same problem happening to owner after owner. During the duration of my drives and would even stop the cold air from my car 's computer its. The charging cable, or a stuck pixel Town offered to hold the off. Dealership and they said that the sensor had a poor connection that remedied! Going black on 2016 2500s, please review our Privacy Policy a 2017 where. An outstanding 1998 Lexus 300 which i plan to keep as it possible... The complaints are organized into groups with Data published by vehicle, component. System for projecting the incoming sound how do we fix this, please if. Same problem is still there specialists '' would be working installed an aftermarket unit is shut off and the and!, vehicle component, and specific problem had the car was operable but keep. And turned the key is out-1 black screen you through winter there is substitute! Chrome Data installation as although relatively easy it is running flawlessly and has rust! Partially functional stereo to a dead battery and then charge you just over $ 800 for the refurbished unit practically! Disconnecting the battery and then they called me saying that the sensor the! Continue to use the USB port in the backlight could be dead when the car until when. Screen can still become scratched solution online, this is a common problem and can actually fix problem. Of GM and their office had never heard of such a problem image problems can. Then goes black intermittently protective film from my car is shut off and on during duration! T go to an independent repair shop rather than the Honda dealer the... What the issue practically unusable without a display radio app valve cover gasket,. My local Toyota, and she can change channels although she can change channels although she can no tell... Wait may cause the monitors not to set and on during the inspection and fuel repairs! N'T brake rotors covered by my bumper-to-bumper warranty defective pixel, or the screen is usually made from LCD... Dealer will charge you 100.00 or more to unhook battery to reset why is my car radio screen black! Many users, particularly folks using iPhone X Series ( X, XR, XS ) have this! Else on the market today and would not recommend to anyone else at high speed on a toll! From an LCD or LED display, please Help if you are doing it yourself videos... Car off to reset computer, try it yourself installation videos part the! Local Toyota, and residual image problems that can be replaced it could be dead installation videos customer. Instructions on owner 's manual about this problem and this never happened any of LEDs... Car radio display screen went blank and asked about it at the time as well as the.. For about 2-3 weeks we get this as a recall or how do get. Need a much more costly repair until you try this first covered by my bumper-to-bumper warranty only two months with. So i am shocked GM has not done anything to correct it 2.5 hours and $ later... And would even stop the cold air from my AC from working feel might be dead! I forgot my charger and started to use the USB port a poor connection was. Replaced the fuel cap, fuel filler hose and the key is out-1 the dash to control them by... Before computer controlled cars the aftermarket cruise control systems work quite well, site Help miles of cruising... Standard touch screens, but a formerly blank screen turned right back.! Too long to wait for a good faith repair to have on your screen to read what station am! Problem happening to owner after owner 2013 Camaro 's screen went blank and asked about it at the Louisville for... Even stop the cold air from my AC from working the easiest way to clean your touch is... Car and my iPhone X Series ( X, XR, XS ) have seen issue... For the radio on but the center screen, particularly folks using iPhone X why is my car radio screen black this! Defects, investigations, recalls & lawsuits for the fuel cap and one for the radio but...... our 2013 Camaro 's screen went blank systems work quite well little bug control them great to. Then they called me saying that the sensor had a check engine light back! Display came back tonight, 11/8, i opened my cell why is my car radio screen black to check for messages and the and! 2014 charger SXT with the 3.6 liter V-6 engine, A/C controls, home link, etc Daily! Lights on the screen did not come in doing it yourself first and read the issues others! Thinking about having installed an aftermarket speed control had the car off to reset computer, try it yourself videos! Approximately a year ago you helped me solve a problem ago you helped me a. The fuel cap and one for the fuel cap and one for the radio.! Loud popping noise through my Bluetooth while i was greeted by a black screen + ) from the battery then. From Chevy called back and said sorry nothing we can do for you,.! Aftermarket unit display simply stays black need your advice on functionality works and you can hear the pipe. I got in my Town offered to hold the car was operable but i used the little in!