14 Day – Clean Home Challenge – UPDATE

So yesterday marked 7 days that I have been in my 14 day clean home challenge and I can already say the house looks and feels so much better. I have not kept on schedule as far as the days are concerned but I am not too far behind. Hey-honesty is the best policy! So to be completely caught up today I’ve vowed to clean the library, the half bathroom in our bedroom, and Chad’s closet today. Sounds like a lot but it’s not. We have the whole day to get caught up and according to my projections we could possibly end the challenge earlier than projected.

So to date you might be wondering what have we cleaned, here is the list:
– Living Room ( wood floors haven’t been mopped)
– Main Bathroom – COMPLETED
– Bedroom – PARTIALLY COMPLETED ( Chad’s closet needs to be cleaned. How would you feel if someone threw
away your stuff?)
– Kitchen – UNTOUCHED
– Library – UNTOUCHED
– Bedroom Half Bathroom – UNTOUCHED

So as I have been cleaning up for the past couple of days, I’ve been receiving lessons on top of lessons. It’s like God has opened heaven doors to teach me about the importance of cleaning. Once I got over being frustrated with myself for never taking the time to do this earlier, I was ready to receive. Here are just a few lessons I learned:

Lesson #1: From Time to Time it’s Necessary to Purge
While cleaning it’s amazing the things you found. We moved into our current apartment about three years ago. Can you believe it when I was cleaning the main box I found a box that was never unpacked. You know what I did? I grabbed the entire box and tossed it. That’s right I never even looked inside before I tossed it. I mean seriously after three years the stuff ain’t no good and I dont need it.

While reviewing this concept I began to think about my life. How lately I’ve been in so much of a rush to get to the next phase of life that I have not taken the time to stop and purge. I’ve realized the importances of purging places, people, and things. Have the clutter surrounding me makes the load heavier. While we will begin the process of purging the mind next I am glad to know my load has already gotten lighter just by the purging of my life.

Lesson #2: Emptiness Is Frustrating
It’s amazing as you clean you find that you have so many empty containers that have never been thrown away. I mean seriously who needs three empty containers of Clorox Bleach spray all over the place as if they magically replenish themselves. As I tossed them away it allowed me to see that emptiness of containers just frustrates me especially when I need to use them. Have you ever poured a bowl full of your favorite cereal only to find the milk container only had a drop.

Very much like life the problem with having emptiness around you is the misconception that you have something when in reality you really don’t. Too often many of us are surrounded by empty people. These empty people like the Clorox Bleach Spray and Milk Container (with only a drop inside) give the appearance of having worth when in reality all they do is take of space, and because they take up space you often times are unable to see their lack of worth. With their lack of worth it stops you from being great.

Welp, that’s all I got for now. I could write more lessons but as you can see today is already a full day and the cleaning will clean by itself. Happy Saturday Folks! Remember if you have time today take a moment and purge your space. You’ll feel much better!


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14-Days To A Clean Home
14 Day – Clean Home Challenge – UPDATE