Who am I?

I'm a child of God first. A wife. A mother of three angels born sleeping. A minister. Above all, I am a survivor. Join me on a transparent journey from busyness of life into business of self.


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How to Survive Your Storm? Four steps to help you win!!

First I have to admit I did not know what to expect by sharing the story of my third miscarriage. How would others view our present situation? Would it impact...
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From My Womb Into God’s Arms

I can not believe I am sitting here really at a loss for words. Where do I begin for the past 2 months of my life. For the longest time...

Actions & Words Must Align

Growing up the late 80’s early 90’s was a blessing. I mean as a child we had all of the best tv shows that had ever existed. We had Family...

Why A 14-Day Purge Does NOT Work!

Hello World. As you can see it has taken me a while to get back to you. The 14 day purge turned into a mini hibernation and it’s not all...

14 Day – Clean Home Challenge – UPDATE

So yesterday marked 7 days that I have been in my 14 day clean home challenge and I can already say the house looks and feels so much better. I...